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Church Financing

Welcome to Peachstate Financial Services! At Peachstate Financial our primary business is church loans. Most banks offer church loans as a sideline if they offer church loans at all. With us…church lending is our main focus.

We offer mortgages whereby the church’s real estate is used as collateral for the loan. Typically the loans are used for:

  • church construction
  • purchase
  • remodel
  • refinance

You may choose from either of the two main categories of church financing:

  • conventional church loans
  • church bonds

Our conventional church financing will typically be a loan amortized over 25 years with the first five years being at a fixed interest rate. The rate after five years would vary with the market. This style of loan is similar to a bank loan but banks generally amortize their loans over 15-20 years instead of 25 years. The 25 year amortization offers a lower payment but additional principle can be paid and the loan retired sooner.

Our church bond program can be amortized over 20 to 25 years and offers a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. This can be advantageous in planning your ministry budget. The money to fund a church bond program comes from the public sale of church bonds to individual investors. Church members are not required to buy bonds but many of them find church bonds to be a good way to invest in their own church’s success. Neither the church nor it’s members are required to sell any of the church bonds. We take responsibility for the sale of all the church bonds.

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